Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Need to Talk about Pussy-Grabbing

Ok. I can’t shut up about this. I can’t.

The problem with all this pussy-grabbing isn’t that the maybe future president (WTF) assaults (demeans) women. It’s that women get assaulted all the time and no one gives a shit. Most don’t even know that it is a thing that happens as often as it does. Look at any audience footage of music festivals. If there is a woman on a man's shoulders, topless or not, you will see hands reach up and grab her boobs.

I have been assaulted many times and I am one of many. It happens less the older I get and I am like, “Finally!” All I had to do was give up and move to Murfreesboro. I will list a few of of those instances here. Stay woke:

  • I was told I have “nice tits” at a Michael’s when I was heading to the yarn aisle. When I didn’t take that very well, I was told to take it as a compliment. V complimentary.

  • On Beale St, the last time I went to Musicfest, there was a huge crowd of people we were all trying to get through. Hands locked so we wouldn’t lose each other, we made our way to the nearest way out. I was groped, as in my tits were grabbed on purpose, four times. These were not accidents. Brushing up against a boob is an accident. Having a stranger squeeze your boob is assualt. And four different men, in the matter of a few minutes, thought it was totes ok to grab a woman’s breast. Maybe even thought they were entitled to it, since I was dress so provocatively in a t-shirt. There were a lot of elbows to the face that night. I know I for sure stomped the shit out of some assholes foot. Haven’t been to Musicfest since.

  • Years of dancing in clubs with numerous penises rubbed up against me. And I am even willing to call that a wash. But when I make it very clear that I am not into that at this moment, there are always a select few that don’t take it well. “Lesbian!!!” Ok. Sure.

  • At a party, I made clear to everyone that I was leaving, by myself, to go to bed, which just so happened to be next door. A guy took that to mean I wanted him to follow me to  bed. As I laughed hysterically at his misunderstanding, he continued to force himself into the apartment with a, “You’re so funny! Let me in!” still trying to pull the seductive sleepy eye and trying to get his foot in the door, literally. I have no issue slamming the door on someone’s foot especially when they try and guilt me into letting them in bc they “don’t take rejection well.” Let me tell you what I don’t give a fuck about… It ended, thankfully, with him crying and me actually closing the door in his face and locking the door. A door he continued to knock on for quite some time.

  • I’ve been “catcalled” so many times they all blur together into one big “Daaammmnnnn!!!” which then turns into, “bitch!” when I ignore the damn. Sometimes I would respond, at one point when someone was commenting on a friend’s ass I stopped and asked, “Do you think she is going to come and talk to you now???” They didn’t have much to say after that.

This is nothing. These are very tame examples of what women go through every day. I think I am one of the luckier ones that this is all I have experienced so far.

Ladies, you have got to stop being nice! You don’t owe anyone anything. You can come off as a bitch and everything is going to be alright. I have no problem with anyone thinking I am mean or a bitch. I have worn the badge proudly for years. I may be a bitch, but I am not going to let a man rub his dick on me just to be a nice person. I’m not going to not elbow someone in the face when they grab my boob in a crowd of people to not hurt someone’s feelings. They didn't give a shit about my feelings. Many moons ago, when I went to clubs, I was the designated, “She doesn’t like you, please go away.” My friends are wonderful, nice people and didn’t want to insult or offend anyone by walking away of their own accord. Insulting overzealous strangers is where I shine. #blessed

So yeah, grabbing women by the pussy is a thing that happens. A lot. Maybe not that exactly but something similar and equally revolting. And it is NOT OK for the possible future leader of any country to think this is ok behavior. And by voting for him, you are saying it’s fine. Maybe the colors that you shine are surely not your best… #crossfade

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We Need to Talk About this GD Election

You know those shows where they ask cute kids questions and they answer them and it is just so cute that you can’t even stand it?  Let me give you an example:

Steve Harvey or whoever: Ok Barry, now some say there is a problem in America with immigrants, how would you solve that?

Barry: Well Steve, I would build a great big wall and put it around the United States.

SH: *chuckles* A wall! Walls are expensive! How would you pay for that?
Barry: I would make Mexico pay for it!

SH: Oh my goodness!! Kid’s say the darndest things!

Yeah they do, Steve.Yeah they do. And so does the shit-ass running for president with the Republican nomination. But it’s way less cute when he says anything.

Ok people, if you are waiting for the debate tonight to pick your candidate, I don’t even know what to tell you. You know he is a piece of shit. You know he will make a terrible president. And I hate to break it, but if there is one person that is pro-choice it is Donald Trump. He doesn’t want you to see his tax returns bc of all the abortions he has paid for in his life. I am speculating here but it sounds right doesn’t it?

And not voting for HIlary doesn’t mean you aren’t feminist but voting for Trump proves that you are not. A vote for that trash-fire is a vote against women. 100%. No other way to put that. Hilary, emails, Bengazi, whatever. A dishonest politician, I am shocked to my very core. Where are my dinner pearls for clutching? You don’t want a woman in charge, bottom line. “She’s a crook!” STFU. And don’t give me that “If it was Elizabeth Warren…” Well it’s not but do you know who Elizabeth Warren wants you vote for? Hillary. She really does. Make Elizabeth Warren happy. She is a great lady.

Electing Trump would be like putting Joe Francis, the dirtbag that started Girls Gone Wild, in charge of a country. YOUR country. Show your tits, free taxes! And they both have the same experience in government. I want to say Joe Francis more so because I think he has been in jail.

For me personally, nothing anyone says or does will make me vote for Donald Trump. Nothing. I absolutely cannot do it. He is a wealthy, privileged white male who hasn’t heard the word “no” a whole hell of a lot in his life and even if he has, he ignored it.  How this person can even be in the running to be the president is something I will never understand. I thought we as a country were better than that, I guess I was really wrong. Where is Mitt Romney when you need him? John McCain? We miss you guys. Not that I would vote for either of them.

Actually, it would take a lot for me to not vote Democrat. The person would have to be Hitler. Actually Hitler. Someone from his direct ancestral line and he would have to be a carbon copy of Adolf Hitler in every way. He would even have to love German Shepherds. But even then I would be all, “Can we just agree that everyone is equal and move on?” I am sure that would be a sticking point for a Hitler descendant, but I would at least ask.

Now we have a democratic woman, win/win. For me to not vote for the democratic woman, that woman would have to be Ann Coulter. Or Kim Davis. Mama June could run and I would vote for her. She seems open-minded, and you know she understands the plight of the working class.

My point, I can’t condone a conservative government. I will always think everyone needs to pay taxes. Many people do solids for you every day: teach your children, pick up your garbage, issue you a driver’s license, make your house not on fire any more. And they need to be paid for that. Would you want to work for people who didn’t want to pay you? All government workers do that every day. And trump thinks that he is smart by not paying taxes. He is telling everyone in Public Service, “You don’t deserve to be paid.”

So let’s make a list of people who have no excuse to vote for this fuckass (He’s not Hillary isn’t a valid excuse, Bernie Bros):

Women - Yes all women
Forward- thinking white males
Anyone with a small business
Anyone who has school-age children

Anyone else, what are you doing? What went wrong in your life? Who did this to you?