Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Celebrities are NOT Better than You: A basket of Deplorables

New (possible) child molestation scandal out involving a “household name who is revered by millions.” There is a lot of speculation and of course none of this has been proven, yada yada. The one name of a victim is Corey Haim. It would make sense since he had drug problems all of his life and died young from drugs. I see it all the time on Intervention. But the problem here isn’t that someone molested a child, though that is obviously a large problem. It’s our unwillingness to believe that any celebrity can do something so horrible. Especially a good actor. Like playing Iron Man means you don’t molest kids (allegedly, in the comments of the article they speculate it could be RDG which doesn’t surprise me but it’s supposed to be a “family man,” and of all the ways you can describe RDG, “family man” isn’t one of them).

The list can go on for days of famous people that are still famous who are terrible people. I will list the ones now that I no longer support, listen to, watch or otherwise. You can cut people out of your lives and I have cut these out of mine, I am sure they are all heartbroken:

Woody Allen: Ya’ll he married his adopted daughter. Just think about that for a second. Of how fucked up that is. And he is still making movies. And people still revere him as this great person/genius who makes great films. Stop it. He took advantage of a child. Bye.

Roman Polanski: Pedophile who is, again, still revered for making great movies, being a genius director, whatever. He rapes children. End of story.

John Lennon: Musical genius? I personally despise the Beatles and their music but people seem to worship them. Especially this fuckass who beat women and children.

Chris Brown: if you still listen to anything he is on, you can go kill yourself right now. I love Nikki Minaj. Adore her. I won’t listen to any song of hers that he is on. And I kind of dislike her for even considering putting him on any song. (I still love you, tho!)

Sean Penn: He is a world-renowned asshole. Woman abuser both mentally and emotionally. Google “Sean Penn Madonna” and read all the fucked up shit that he did to her while they were married. If you don’t want to google, he hit her in the head with a baseball bat while she was tied to a chair. Yet women still seem to want to be in a relationship with him. People still see his movies. People Ooh and Ahh at the charity work he has done. Fuck this guy and his charity work. You can cure childhood cancer and then go home and beat your wife and you are still a shitty person.

Michael Jackson: Alleged child molester but he did it. You just know he did. You aren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead, but it’s ok if they molested children. Hope to be saying the same for Jared Fogle one day soon. (Also, stop supporting Subway. You know they knew about all of his actions and did nothing.)

Bill Cosby: I mean, come on.

Mel Gibson: Ditto for this dick.

Louis CK: This one hurt but not enough for me not to be done with him. And, again, this is all alleged. Several women comedians have alluded to CK making them watch him jerk-off in order for him to help their careers. I can’t even… He is preying on women who need his help. It’s deplorable. He is funny, sure. But this is the very definition of sexual harassment and he has been getting away with it, with no end in sight. And it has been brought to his attention and he is just like, “Everyone has their things…” Ok. Sure.

Bill Murray: Don’t look at me like that. He’s been accused more than once for spousal abuse, abandonment and adultery. Though, sadly, I can’t really cut out everyone who has committed such crimes as adultery bc that would be every celebrity.

Dr. Dre: Beats the shit out of women in front of people. No one cares. He is a great rapper and good at his job of selling overpriced headphones. He’s also a piece of shit. Beats by Dre, indeed.

Clint Eastwood: If there isn’t a white hood in his closet I would die of shock.

Jeremy Renner: He seems like the most deplorably sexist of human beings. He has made his thoughts on feminism and females in general known many times. He referred to Black Widow as a whore who fucked all the Avengers. Ok. Great.

Eric Clapton: Racist

Russell Crowe: Rageaholic dickshit.

Rob Lowe: He isn’t Chris Traeger as much as we want him to be. Child molestation allegations, abuse towards women, etc.

R. Kelly: Pissed on a child. That's enough.

OJ Simpson: Serial wife-abuser. Non-convicted Murderer. Racist against his own race.

This is just a handful of the people that I detest the most. I am sure I am leaving out many. And this list does contain all men I realize, but you know my thoughts on men in general. That may make me a sexist.

Stacey Bryan: Sexist.

And that is fine (please still support me tho). But I don't beat women or abuse children.

I think we all need to take a look at celebrities and the people that they are and not the work they put out. They deserve our scorn just as much as anyone else. Maybe more so b/c they are using their celebrity to hide what they are and that is not cool.

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