Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We Need to Talk about The Murder of Johnny B*

Ok let's talk about it. The CBS 2-night special was by far the best one about this case. And it is now really obvious John Ramsey went on the defense on A&E before this aired.

- The ransom note quoted the movie Speed. I mean...

- The pad and pen were from the house and the practice notes were in the house. It took 21 min to write bc it was 3 pages long which never happens.  Kidnappers tend to do their work quickly and they also don't kill the kidnapped. No ransom for dead bodies. Patsy wrote the note. Big fat duh.

- The first place John Ramsey goes when let loose is to her body in the basement even though he is instructed to start upstairs. He was jittery before this. Almost like he was anxious about finding the body he knew was there.

- Crime scene was contaminated from the jump by John Ramsey. I feel like that's something everyone on earth knows. You find a body, even if it is your daughter, you leave it alone. Then he brings her upstairs and covers her with a blanket and then she's moved again.

-  Oh shit! They duplicated the house, yo!!!

- The Ramseys refused to cooperate with law enforcement instantly. If your daughter is dead or missing, you cooperate fully. All of their friends gave full cooperation until they were told by the Ramseys to not speak to anyone. Wouldn't even let Werner Spitz in the house.

- Patsy is described as a pageant girl 4 lyfe and she wore the same outfit from the night before on the day of the murders.  Ok.

- You didn't need to have a lot of strength to inflict the damage to her skull. Maybe you just needed the strength of a 9yo.

- Talked to CNN before they ever spoke to the police. Formal interview with the police took 4 months.  Who does that and why were they even allowed to do this?

- Lou Smit is a fucking moron.

- A cobweb was still on the window that "the intruder" came through. The taser theory has been debunked many times and I'm glad they proved it here. It was from a train track and who loved trains...

- No fingerprints on the batteries in the flashlight. WEIRD! I know I wipe my fingerprints clean on all batteries.

- He keeps saying "panty" and I want to die. More importantly, DNA was found on underwear that had never been worn. Bye, DNA evidence. You fucking bastard. False DNA evidence got these dicks off.

- Ok. Well Burke would smear poop all over his sister’s things. And there was a softball sized turd in her bed. I have never heard of such. That is some fucked up sibling rivalry. When he is interviewed, he acts like a smug, entitled brat. Not a brother whose sister was killed in his own home. It’s almost like he wasn’t afraid anyone would come after him.

- Pineapple in milk?! What??? That is baffling in and of itself.

How were these fucking people never prosecuted?! If not for the murder (since the son did that) but for covering up a murder. Welcome to have a shitload of money and influence in a small, well-to-do town. That is how they got away with it. That is how Burke Ramsey got away with it and is still living free. And the grand jury voted to indict and the DA was like, “Nah.”

At first, from reading about it and hearing about it and looking into it, I thought Patsy was did it in anger for JonBenet wetting the bed. Now I think we all know that Burke did it. There is too much there. Thanks for solving a case 20 years later that the Boulder police pretty much fucked up completely and then ignored all evidence. I blame Lou Smit for that. Wasting everyone’s time with this intruder nonsense. Anger. So much anger.

*Johnny B was her nickname within the family

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